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American Citizens Lack
of Knowledge with International Affairs
Erin Maloney

         In an age where any one can go onto the Internet and read a breaking news story from almost any country in the world, it is hard to understand why Americans do not know much about world news. I donít think that I would use the word lazy to describe this phenomenon but I would call it ignorant. I understand that people live busy lives and that it is sometimes hard to watch even your local ten oíclock news, but in a time where America is being scrutinized for itís ignorance it is important for us to have some knowledge about other countries.

You hear so many Americans ask why us? Who would want to hurt several thousand Americans on September 11th? The average American feels that the United States is a victim, and we are in a sense, but we must also understand that we have been victimizing other countries for years. We have bombed and killed thousands and it was only a matter of time before it happened to us. In order for us as a country to come together and defend ourselves we must first become educated.

We as viewers need to show our news providers that we care about these issues. Why are there only three or five minutes allotted to international issues on the news. Not all families have access to cable and canít turn to CNN or FOX News. Many people are left in the dark. We need to make a conscious decision as a society to hunt down the information needed for us to become an equal player in this global market.

In order to validate a claim you must have knowledge of that issue. A person cannot be persuasive or get their point across if he or she has no facts to back them up. In order to survive in the new global market, Americans need to be up-to-date with world issues. It is our duty as members of this new community to do our share of research and spend the valuable time in investing in others. If we do not we will quickly loose ground in this globalization race.







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