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  • EMIJ supports professional ethics in journalism, personal and  communal morals in media practices, and  advocating for media adherence to socially responsible coverage in the news coverage, commentaries, documentaries, and other programs.

      NOTE: Please be advised that many of our new pages are still under construction.
    Ethics Monthly International Journal is Online publication which aims at:
  • Discussing issues associated with media and mass communication ethics and legal aspects
  • Covering media censorship in Middle Eastern and African countries. Also, the situation in the U.S. and some of the European countries will be discussed
  • Providing an open forum for media scholars and students of mass communication to voice out their free views and opinions
  • Hosting a monthly media ethics debate by selecting a currently under-review case or a particular media issue
  • Covering issues in copyright and intellectual property
  • Promoting higher standards of media ethics, practices, and moralities

        Basic Rules
Professional journalists will always observe the following guidelines:

  • Observe the basic ethics of professional journalism that allows you to avoid any harm or damage for yourself or others
  • Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the country where you practice
  • Refrain from unethical media activities even if they are not against the law.
  • Avoid working with external service providers who demonstrate unethical behaviors
  • Accurately report on the story and check and recheck your sources.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • Strive for personal growth and development in your chosen field
  • Actively support, practice and promote this Code of Ethics in your media organizations and corporations


  • Opinions and views appeared on this site or its textual equivalency do not necessary represent or express the founder, the editor-in-chief, the webmaster,  the editorial board, or associates of EMIJ
  • EMIJ does not verify the veracity and credibility of sites linked to, in which EMIJ offers this service without bearing any responsibility as to their accuracy. 
  • You may not use or link to EMIJ in a derogatory way
  • Please remember that  your professional, intellectual comments and constructive feedback are highly appreciated. EMIJ is always willing to improve on its content visual appearance

EMIJ 2007
and more"

The 2007 media shows some new interest in offering international and intercultural content and program.

It is important for newspapers, television, and radio to do so because the media to do so because the Internet has made possible to  people in general and  the younger audience to obtain and generate information as switching a light on and off.  For example,  as a social and cultural utility, Facebook began to attract students of colleges and universities to the level where the colleges and universities started to facilitate the use of such outlet. In fact, faculty began to use as well. It's great way to connect with people, exchange information, share photos, announce events,  ask for involvement or assistance, and to create a personal profile for immediate and future careers. Thanks to
 facebook.com founders Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz from Cambridge, Massachusetts for this great communication achievement.





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